Men Need Honor

“A man’s number one need is honor, you honor him and you can watch him just rise up! Wise is the woman that knows how to honor a man!” ~ Karen Jensen

So many young women have failed to realize this. Our society bombards us with the “normalcy” of the buffoon, idiotic husband and the intelligent wife.

This unbiblical mentality has infiltrated the christian world, but it is time for godly women to rise up…. To be the helpmates they’re called to be and honor their husbands as the BIBLE admonishes them to and then watch the MIGHTY men of God rise to their ordained calling and place! Why havent men been walking in such a place? I believe it is because women haven’t been fulfilling their purpose and calling as wives! It is time for women who will honor their husbands and will be the kindling that will catch these mighty logs on fire to rise up!!!!!!

Where are such young women???

Women of God, you want to see a change in the men of our generation? Then YOU rise up to your ordained place!!!!!

Rising up,

Originally posted: 01/05/2013 by: Jessica R. Taylor (Jessica T. Cappel) at

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