The Love Chapter, Read it Again.

The “Love Chapter” of the Bible is the nickname given to 1 Corinthians 13, every day if becomes clear that we need to read it again and again. Especially considering the mark of the church summed up in John 13:35 is simply that they will know we are His disciples by our love. If you … Continue reading The Love Chapter, Read it Again.

The Real You

That fresh face feeling. 🤣 #selfcare #therealme #nofilter #nomakeup #flawsandall In a world that’s all about being flawless, perfect, touched up, filtered, etc we often find ourselves feeling that we don’t measure up, we don’t compare, etc to the perfect image of others. Those feelings, if left unchecked, can lead to depression, insecurity, and feelings … Continue reading The Real You

Two Pennies

Recently, I received this in the mail... it made me cry as I sat in my vehicle looking at this person’s letter and gift. I couldn’t help but think of the the Widow in the Gospel of Luke who puts her two coins in the collection at the temple. I don’t know this person’s financial … Continue reading Two Pennies

“I Forgive You, But…” New Book by Karen Jensen Salisbury, Check it out! 

I'm so excited to be part of a Launch Team that's reading an advance copy of this great new book by Karen Jensen Salisbury. Here's one part that jumped out at me: "Don’t live a moment longer with the wrongs that others have done to you or with your own regrets and failures. You can’t hold … Continue reading “I Forgive You, But…” New Book by Karen Jensen Salisbury, Check it out!