Movie Review: Jesus Revolution

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to see Jesus Revolution in theaters. Wow!!!! If you want to be stirred up and also be stirred to really look at what you are doing, what you could do better, and how you are loving those furthest from him — GO SEE IT!

We both studied the Jesus Movement in Church History class and even had an instructor at RBTC that was saved in this movement in SoCal. It’s considered by historians to be the largest Awakening in American history. I couldn’t help but see the correlations between the 60s/70s and the time we live in today… racial struggles, violence, amorality, young people looking for something real and searching anywhere and everywhere to find it, and cold, dying churches choosing traditions (not biblical doctrine) that pushed away the hurting, outcast, and lost.

Two things that really struck me:

  1. Pastor Chuck Smith was receiving a lot of pressure from his contributing members to not let the “hippies” into the church, in talking about all this with his wife he says, “So many loud voices…” she says, “The truth is quiet and still, the lies are often loud.” He then responds, “it’s just so complicated…” she says, “Truth is simple.” I loved this because how many pastors have faced similar challenges and decisions, choosing truth may cost you for a season, but our God is faithful and He will exceed our wildest dreams if we step out in faith on nothing but the truth! In Chuck Smith’s case, he lost a few contributors from his dying church and instead his church exploded in growth to where they couldn’t even fit in the building anymore and then couldn’t fit in the large tent they put up!!! 🙌🏽😭🙌🏽
  2. One person in the movie said, “They’re searching for the right thing in all the wrong places.” Referring to the hippie youth who were searching for The Truth, but doing so through “prophets,” New Age, Buddhism, drugs to reach “truth” or Nirvana, and so many things. They were doing this because traditional religion had failed to give them the living Jesus, because of this they were broken and hurting, they were homeless and outcast, they were searching and lost. And it took a man putting down his traditions to say, “you are welcome here” and “you belong here” to begin teaching them The Truth and helping them grow, and through that love and stepping out of his comfort zone, God showed up and His miracle working power was present and at work to save, deliver, heal, and restore!

How many times do we see the problems with the “younger generations” and judge the sins and lifestyles they are exploring and living in… if we want to see them free and transformed we have to give them something real that is more powerful than a list of rules (as they grow and mature in their walk, they will put down the sins and the weights), we can’t do that just sitting on our Pharisee judgement seat. If we want to see them changed and living for God, we The Church have to live the Love of God and take the Power of the Holy Ghost to those furthest from Him, we see in the Bible that Jesus was moved with compassion… it is from that place the miraculous can and will flow. Politics won’t do this, arguing doctrine or opinions on the internet won’t do this, telling people they’re not welcome in the church until they clean up won’t do this — preaching the Gospel message fueled by the Love of God and confirmed by Signs & Miracles WILL change their lives in a way more powerful and more real than any traditions, debating, or intellectual reasoning.


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