Exactly as I Have Been Told!

(Originally posted 06/14/2010¬†on Jessica Taylor Cappel’s Blog: The FAITH DRIVEN Life)

“Take courage; for I believe God, and am convinced that things will happen exactly as I have been told.” – Acts 27:25 (Weymouth)
It has taken me a long time to come to this realization — God’s got the PERFECT timing! Many times in our lives there are words that have been spoken over our lives by divine inspiration, or simply dreams that we’ve held in our hearts that don’t happen when we expect them to. When we initially hear or think about such things we have an excitement because of what God said and we expect those things to happen the next week.
When the dreams don’t materialize in our timing we get discouraged and even depressed and feel hopeless. I am speaking from experience. There have been times in my own life when words were spoken over me, and I was so excited about what God said was going to happen that I couldn’t stand to wait. Days, weeks, months, and years went by and discouragement and even depression came to rob me of the joy I once had. I was expecting God to work in MY time frame, when in fact He has His own time frame that is PERFECT! It has taken a while to get to this point, but I know that God’s word is never void of the power to bring it to pass, and He is not a liar! So, if He said something is going to happen, it is going to happen. For example, even if I’m single, I KNOW and I HAVE FAITH IN GOD that He said I won’t be alone in the journey, so I stand firm on that promise knowing that one day I will have a man to walk beside in the calling of God, to share my life and have a family with. There are other things He has spoken and dreams I’ve dreamed that haven’t fully materialized, but I am beginning to see the edge of those things as they begin to come to pass! I have struggled in the same areas as you, but I have learned, just as Paul, to believe God that He WILL do that which He told me He would do!
So, I encourage you to have Faith in words God has spoken over your life! Stand strong in Faith, not being swayed by the circumstances, because He is faithful that promised! God’s got a plan, just hold on to His hand and relax as you walk by faith and not by sight!

Until Next Time,

Jessica Taylor Cappel

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