Food for Thought – 06.10.2015

You know what the main issue I have with hyper-grace, hyper-faith, hyper-prosperity doctrines is?

They are all from a state of selfishness. A mindset of me, me, me” and being “right,”  When really, our main goal as Christians should be to reach the lost and to pull people out of the filth of the world and bring them to an encounter with the Love of Christ that transforms THEIR life, then all the other things will be added to us. Our #1 interest should be the same as God’s #1 interest which has always been for humanity! God’s really been pressing this issue on my heart lately, so many of us get so focused on our own lives that we fail to see the person right beside us that is walking in darkness.

It is time for a true transformation to take place in the church!

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