Food for Thought – 08.4.2015

My heart breaks to see my nation, once a beacon of light to the world….

A nation that sent out missionaries and aid to the uttermost parts of the world….. My nation, has become a dark, godless mission field. We NEED God in America again! (Like the old carman song.) And, we need churches that REFUSE to be moved outside of the word, outside of true Christianity! Churches who rise up in the face of adversity and culture and say, “We shall not, we WILL NOT be moved! We will preach the FULL GOSPEL and nothing less!!!!!!” 
I’m becoming more and more stern, tenacious, and bold in these things. Some may interpret it as hate or harshness, but that’s not it at all! I love people and I won’t have it said of me that I helped send people to hell by withholding the truth I know! I’m tired of people pushing the church to bow to their wishes and lifestyle! The Word molds my lifestyle, not the other way around! 
I SHALL NOT BE MOVED! Just like a tree planted by the water, I shall not be moved!!!!!!!!! 

Who’s with me?!?!? 

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