Food for Thought: 09.03.2016

When my husband first moved to NC in 2013 following graduating from RBTC, things were tough. He was applying everywhere he could, having to turn down opportunities that would require him to work during church, wondering when something was going to change. It wasn’t easy, we had dates where we shared a hotdog and cheerwine at cookout and we remembered Ms. Lynette and Pastor Hagin’s stories of their early days of sharing a corndog and a coke, Cap promised me one night during that time to stick with him and it may not be easy now, but we will walk in all of our dreams together. (Obviously I cried, love him!) Shortly after, he accepted a part-time position driving a donations truck and working in the warehouse at the Salvation Army, because it wouldn’t require nights and Sundays and he said he just “felt” in his heart it was the right move. A few weeks later, he was promoted to an Assistant Manager at their Select Store on the north side of our city. And then after two years in that position, he was promoted to store manager of their main store which afforded him many opportunities to work and minister among the homeless and poor in our city. 
Today, my husband is working his last shift at the Salvation Army, as yet another opportunity has been opened to him to rise and step into his dream job – Teaching History. Times have not always been easy financially, but we made sacrifices so that we could serve where we are called to serve during this season of our lives, as Youth Pastors and any other roles needed at our local church. I moved back home in obedience and faith. My husband moved to North Carolina in obedience and faith. And today, looking back, it is amazing to see how God has elevated my husband at each and every turn. While it is bittersweet to say goodbye to an organization that has provided my husband with an income since Summer 2013 and that has assisted us in so many meaningful ways in tough times, I am simply thankful to God for all that He has done and how He has sustained us in order to get us to this time and this moment in our lives. 

No matter where you are, faithfulness is key! You may not be “happy” with where you are, just check your heart and speak faith in all that you do! Count HIM faithful who has promised!!! Your BEST days truly are ahead of you and God is working all things out for your good!!! 

#befaithful #bethankful #HEisfaithful #HEsustains

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