Extreme Grace vs. Extreme Holiness 

When we preach extreme grace, as some do, we enable those who want to continue in the flesh but still be “saved” the permission they need to live a lifestyle of sin and “eternal security.” This errant approach causes people to remain bound to their sin, while blindly thinking they are “ok and secure” just as they are, with no true heart change. 
When we preach extreme holiness and focus solely on the worldliness that has plagued the church, we enable Pharisees to be exalted and push those in need of the eternal, free gift away from the very help they need to BE FREE from their sin. This errant teaching promotes those who pride themselves in their spotless lives, while also leading to disillusionment and disappointment with the church when those who prided themselves in their piety and purity fall short and fail. 
God’s heart is not that we abuse His love and forgiveness to avoid conviction. Nor is His heart for us to be so lifted in pride at our own works and ability that we miss the very heart of what He has called us to! His heart is that we preach His unconditional love and forgiveness, while teaching holy living. You cannot preach biblical holiness without the love and mercy of God’s grace. It is impossible for us to live up to the standard without Grace (empowerment to do). You cannot be a vessel used to set people free when you preach holiness in such a way that they fear expressing their struggles, failures, shortcomings, and secret sins to you, or that it might become a sermon or social media post. Our hearts should be aligned with God’s heart. Just as we feel free to confess our sins to Him, to talk to Him about our inner most struggles, and have the security and confidence that His love for us is unchanged by the knowledge of our deepest, darkest secrets, we too should be such in the lives of those around us. The Bible says that they will know us by our love, I would rather be known by my love and forgiveness than my unrighteous judgement, self-righteousness, and pride. 
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