Food for Thought 04.06.2017

I recently read something where someone (a Christian) essentially said that we are “all broken” …. I have to disagree. We are not “ALL broken,” if we are IN CHRIST. When we enter the kingdom of God by accepting Jesus as our savior, we become a NEW creature and ALL the old things have passed away, the Amplified says it this way, “the fresh and new has come!” (2 Cor. 5:17). So, when we are in Christ, we are made new. That means that whatever was a stronghold in your life, whatever ways you were broken and wounded, whatever abuse you endured, whatever scars you had on your heart and mind, whatever the struggle or issues may be, whatever daddy/ex/pervert uncle issues you may have…… the power of the BLOOD OF JESUS totally eradicated the power of the law of sin and death in your life! And, if you are still struggling with the lies of the devil that you’re “broken” and that that is normal, you need to immerse yourself in the Word and New Creation Realities and discover who you truly are IN HIM and the power of the Holy Spirit in you to be strengthened in your inner man over the emotional baggage you carry! Jesus paid the price for you to be FREE and WHOLE, so BE free and whole!!!! Live the victorious life you’ve been given full access to!!!!!! #iamnotbroken #iamMOREthanaconqueror

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